Jewish Heritage

The Jewish Moroccan community is the largest in the Arab world and although most Jews have emigrated to Israel over the last centuries, the traces that testify of a strong Jewish presence are to be found in almost every city in Morocco.

We find these historical testimonies in Hebrew inscriptions dating from the Roman period, in Andalucian influenced architecture brought to Morocco – in particular Fez – by the thousands of Jews that fled Spain after 1492, but also in the cities’ Mellahs (former Jewish quarters), synagogues and Jewish schools.

Another exception of Morocco: Rabbinical courts are recognized to be competent to deal with all matters affecting the personal status of Moroccan Jews.

For all interested in the Moroccan Jewish Heritage, we propose several tours (or tailor-made proposals) with a specialized guide, adapted to the requested duration, budget and interest.


Jewish sites and services we offer throughout the country:


  • Jewish Museum – the only one in the Arab world
  • Synagoge Beth El
  • Street of 7 synagogues
  • Jewish Club – a kosher restaurant
  • Jewish school
  • Shabat services


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Rabbi Shalom Ezzaoui


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Jewish school


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Jewish cemetery
  • Ibn Danan synagogue – dating from the 17th century


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Synagogue Al Azama – dating from the 15th century
  • Beth El synagogue
  • Kosher meal with a Jewish family
  • Shabbat services


  • Restored synagogue – dating from the 18th century
  • Pilgrimage of the Abou Hasira family


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Synagogue


  • Arazane – Small village with a synagogue dating from the 12th century
  • Mellah – Jewish quarter


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Rabbi Hajim Pinto
  • Synagogue Rabbi Pinto


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Nahon synagogue – dating from the 17th century
  • Synagogue Shaar Raphael


  • Mellah – Jewish quarter
  • Ben Walid synagogue – dating from the 14th century